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Updated 11/15/2019

New Riderschoice email address:

Riderschoice registration will be active and open for registration starting on Nov. 12th.  Access the new and updated registration process via the following website:, look for the Riderschoice tab at the top of the page to get registered. 

Here is the direct link:

This site will not be current, please find the new riderschoice location via the website address above. 

Homeschool Ski and Snowboard Club / Group offering Homeschool Ski and Snowboard Discounts at Ski Resorts in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Please share this information with other homeschool families.  Also, send this information out to homeschool groups and loops and post on Facebook Pages.

I am currently in the process of getting information from the group sales manager.  I will update the exact ski dates ASAP. 

Please go to for all of the details, email Glenna Toney

Opening day at Beech Mountain Ski Resort will be sometime in mid-November - Closing day will be sometime in mid-March 2020 (weather permitting), no Riderschoice skiing or boarding Dec. 21st - Jan. 1st during the Christmas Holiday.

Bring your homeschool family to Beech Mountain Ski Resort during the 2019 - 2020 ski season any Mon. - Fri. non-holiday time and receive the wonderful homeschool discount!  Make sure you register with Riderschoice at least three days in advance by emailing Glenna Toney, the Riderschoice Coordinator with all of your information.

$30 per skier / snowboarder which includes, lift pass, equipment rental, and beginner lesson if desired. 

$20 per skier / snowboarder who has their own equipment and does not want a lesson.

More information below.

Please email Glenna Toney, with any questions about Riderschoice.

Scheduled Ski Nov. 2019 - March 2020 Dates for Beech: (weather permitting) 
Regular ski dates for Beech will be Mon. - Fri. non-holidays (all dates will be posted soon)

Please pass this information along to other homeschoolers


RidersChoice is the weblog for homeschooling families with all the information about discount skiing and boarding in Western North Carolina specifically for homeschool families. Go to for all of the details and information.

Please pass this information along to other homeschoolers in your area.

Beech Mountain
The deal that Beech Mountain is offering us is so nice.

Details for Beech Mnt:

 Nov.  - March 2020 dates will be added soon

(additional dates will be added weather permitting)

        Lift tickets good from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm for day ticket or 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm for twilight ticket. Ski and Board day or night for the same low price! Please register for the day ticket or the twilight ticket when you sign up. Lift no longer closes from 4:30 – 6:00 for grooming!

        Price is $30.00 per skier or boarder 

        Price includes: lift ticket, rental equipment (skies or snowboard if desired), including ski and snowboard boots and poles, one hour group lesson (if desired). Helmets are on a first come first serve basis and often run low on Fri. So, if you must have a helmet, please arrive early (non-Riderschoice group rate for all of this would be from $90 - $100) If you have your own equipment and don’t want a lesson the price is $20.00

Please note that you will not be able to just show up at Beech and be part of the Riderschoice group deal! Glenna Toney is coordinating at Beech and Riderschoice dates are posted below. E-mail Glenna Toney at

 PLEASE NOTE that lessons are for those 8 years and older. One lesson per person per season only. Lessons are for true beginners.

  Skiers are welcome and will have a great time on the many slopes and the quad lift makes the ride up the mountain fast and the lines shorter. Snowboarders will have an amazing time on the two terrain parks and many rails, boxes, and features to hit and try to conquer!

Beech Mnt. Group Sales has requested that all outside food and drink be eaten in the group sales office or outside near the ice skating rink. No outside food allowed in the lodge or cafeteria.  No coolers larger than lunch box size and no crock pots allowed in group sales. Hot lunch tickets can be reserved in advance for $8.00 and must be used in the cafeteria prior to 3:00 pm. The hot lunch includes a burger or chicken strips or barbecue sandwich (meat), fries, and medium drink.

 All dates are weather permitting. Ski season in NC can be short and unpredictable so don't delay!

    Make plans with your family. This rate is only open to homeschoolers (including parents), their families (Including grown children).

   I MUST HAVE the following information with your reservation:         email reservations
Name of skiers/boarders (participant)
Does the participant need to rent skis/board/ or none
Does the participant need a lesson and what type (ski or board and age)
Does the participant want to reserve a hot lunch
A phone number where your group can be reached on ski day

 Participant’s names will be written down and checked off upon arrival. Please go to the bottom of this blogspot to get specific details and our group rules. E-mail Glenna Toney at

Jon Smith: ski rental, ski lesson (age 12), hot lunch 828-555-5555
Julie Smith: ski rental, no lesson, hot lunch same phone
Jed Smith: snowboard rental, board lesson (age 15), hot lunch, same phone
Fred Smith: no rental, no lesson (owns own equipment), no hot lunch, same phone
Fran Smith: ski rental, ski lesson (adult),no hot lunch, same phone

 If you sign up for a date, we are expecting you to show up at Beech Mnt. If for some reason anyone in your group/family can't make the date you sign up for, please contact Group Sales ASAP (800-438-2093)! Our discount rate depends on the number of participants! So be sure to keep Group Sales up-to-date on any changes in your group/family numbers.

       You are responsible for your own ride to Beech Mountain and you must arrive between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. for the session and go to Group Sales to pay. YOU MUST BRING CASH or Credit and if you are renting a snowboard you MUST bring a debit/credit card to present to the rental window (you will NOT be charged unless you fail to return your equipment.)

       PLEASE, get your money together and have ONE person in your family or car load or group bring your money to Group Sales so as to facilitate getting your lift tickets and rental forms. Children should not come to the desk with parents, this is way too confusing.

      Please list "RIDERSCHOICE" as your group on all rental forms.

*** According to Beech Mountain Group Sales,  It appears that we have some folks who have been abusing the privilege of our wonderful group in the past. Homeschool families must show current and appropriate proof of homeschooling.  Riderschoice offer is only open to homeschool families (immediate families).  Homeschool families must have students ages 19 and younger who have not yet graduated high school.  Homeschool graduates and alumni must come with a legal and current homeschool family to participate with Riderschoice. Adults who join this group must be the homeschool parents, grandparents, and adult children of a current homeschool family. All adults can attend if they have their homeschool students with them. Otherwise, no homeschool adults attending without their children. If you bring other homeschool children with you to Beech, please have them to bring their proof of homeschooling also.  Please note: Beech will give any college students or family friends of home-schoolers  the group ticket price of $30 and rentals for ski $13 and snow $20 if they come with the home-school family. Beech Mnt. feels that this is more than fair as it is still a great discount.

 Please help me keep this great deal open to ALL homeschool families by following rule. ***** Blessings 

Please read all of the registration information and instructions on prior to sending your email registration.

Scheduled Ski Dates for Beech: (weather permitting) 

Regular ski dates for Beech will be Mon. - Fri. non-holidays

Monday, Nov. 19th, register by Nov. 16th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Nov. 20th, register by Nov. 17th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, 21st, register by Nov. 18th`, by 8 pm

Monday, Nov. 26th, register by Nov. 23rd, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Nov. 27th, register by Nov. 24th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Nov. 28th, register by Nov. 25th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Nov. 29th, register by Nov. 26th, by 8 pm

Friday, Nov. 30th, register by Nov. 27th, by 8 pm

Monday, Dec. 3rd, register by Nov. 30th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 4th, register by Dec. 1st by 8 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 5th, register by Dec. 2nd, by 8 pm

Thursday, Dec. 6th, register by Dec. 3rd, by 8 pm

Friday, Dec. 7th, register by Dec. 4th, by 8 pm

Monday, Dec. 10th, register by Dec. 7th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, register by Dec. 8th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 12th, register by Dec. 9th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Dec. 13th, register by Dec. 10th, by 8 pm

Friday, Dec. 14th, register by Dec. 11th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, register by Dec. 30th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Jan. 3rd, register by Jan. 31st, by 8 pm

Friday, Jan. 4th, register by Jan. 1st, by 8 pm

Monday, Jan. 7th, register by Jan. 4th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 8th, register by Jan. 5th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 9th, register by Jan. 6th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Jan. 10th register by Jan. 7th, by 8 pm

Friday, Jan. 11th, register by Jan. 8th, by 8 pm

Monday, Jan. 14th, register by Jan. 11th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 15th, register by Jan. 12th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 16th, register by Jan. 13th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Jan. 17th register by Jan. 14th, by 8 pm

Friday, Jan. 18th, register by Jan. 15th, by 8 pm

No Riderschoice on Monday, Jan. 21st MLK Day Holiday!

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, register by Jan. 19th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Jan.23rd, register by Jan. 20th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Jan. 24th register by Jan. 21st, by 8 pm

Friday, Jan.25th, register by Jan. 22nd, by 8 pm

Monday, Jan. 28th, register by Jan. 25th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 29th, register by Jan. 26th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 30th, register by Jan. 27th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Jan. 31st register by Jan. 28th, by 8 pm

Friday, Feb. 1st, register by Jan. 29th, by 8 pm

Monday, Feb. 4th, register by Feb. 1st, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 5th, register by Feb. 2nd, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, register by Feb. 3rd, by 8 pm

Thursday, Feb. 7th register by Feb. 4th, by 8 pm

Friday, Feb. 8th, register by Feb. 5th, by 8 pm

Monday, Feb. 11th, register by Feb. 8th, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 12th, register by Feb. 9th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 13th, register by Feb. 10th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Feb. 14th register by Feb. 11th, by 8 pm

Friday, Feb. 15th, register by Feb. 12th, by 8 pm

Monday, Feb. 18th President's Day, register by Feb. 15th

Tuesday, Feb. 19th, register by Feb. 16th, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 20th, register by Feb. 17th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Feb. 21st register by Feb. 18th, by 8 pm

Friday, Feb. 22nd, register by Feb. 19th, by 8 pm

Monday, Feb. 25th, register by Feb. 22nd, by 8 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 26th, register by Feb. 23rd, by 8 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 27th, register by Feb. 24th, by 8 pm

Thursday, Feb. 28th register by Feb. 25th, by 8 pm

Friday, March 1st, register by Feb. 26th, by 8 pm

Monday, March 4th, register by March 1st, by 8 pm

Tuesday, March 5th, register by March 2nd, by 8 pm

Wednesday, March 6th, register by March 3rd, by 8 pm

Thursday, March 7th register by March 4th, by 8 pm

Friday, March 8th, register by March 5th, by 8 pm

Additional March dates will be added weather permitted.

Beech Riderschoice Rules:

Homeschool Community:

Welcome to Riderschoice! We just have a few items to go over before you get started!

Skiing/Boarding at this low rate is a privilege. So....

This special rate is open to the homeschool community (students, parents, and family members).

Riderschoice (homeschool community) must arrive during designated times to get this special rate. 

Please don't openly advertise or brag about this rate to others either on the slopes or elsewhere. Be thankful and discreet.

Picnic lunches are allowed only in the group sales office or outside near the ice skating rink (no coolers, crock pots, or containers larger than lunch box size).

No boards or skies in the building!

Riderschoice expects to leave a positive image with the staff of Beech Mnt.! Please follow all slope rules! Clean up after yourself, don't leave trash around the tables.

Speak to employees with respect.

If you have major problems contact Glenna Toney or Group Sales.

On all rental forms list your group as Riderschoice

Beech and Riderschoice strongly encourage beginners and less experienced skiers and riders to take a lesson.

Helmets are strongly encouraged for your safety and are available on first come first serve!

Put lift ticket in a visible location and on clothing that you are going to wear all day.

At the end of the ski season we want Beech Mnt. to be happy to invite the homeschool community back again next year! So, please put your best foot forward! We want to be known as the best group to visit the mountain!

Be Safe and Have a Great Time!

Riderschoice Coordinators


Riderschoice has decided not to deal with Sugar Mountain this season. It is just too much stress on me and my family with all that Sugar Administration requires from me.  Sorry.  If you want to get a group of 15 or more together, you can get a good group rate at Sugar when you come.  

Please join our group at Beech on any of the dates posted on the blog.

Not updated for 2019 ski season

Please contact Cataloochee Ski Resort directly for homeschool ski dates and rates for 2015 - 2016

Steps to register for Cataloochee skiing or boarding:
1.Decide what date you want to attend
2. Arrive at Cataloochee and report to Main ticket window with proof of homeschooling, contact Main ticket window with any questions 1-800-768-0285.

Details for Cataloochee:
A.  Day lift tickets good from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
B.  Prices: $ lift ticket only, $ ski rental and lift ticket, $ board rental and lift ticket (all include an hour beginner group lesson for anyone age 7 and older if desired)
C.  PLEASE NOTE that lessons are for those 7 years and older
D. Bag lunches may be eaten in the family picnic area only. No coolers or containers allowed in the lodge.
E.  You are responsible for your own ride to Cataloochee. If you are renting a snowboard you MUST bring a debit/credit card to present to the rental window (you will NOT be charged unless you fail to return your equipment.)
F.  All questions about homeschool days at Cataloochee should be directed to Main Ticket Window 1-800-768-0285.
Cataloochee Ski Dates: 

2014/ 2015

Not updated for 2019 ski season

Please contact Wolf Ridge Ski Resort directly for homeschool ski dates and rates for 2015 - 2016

Not updated for 2019 season

The French-Swiss Ski College at Appalachian Ski Mtn. in Blowing Rock, N. C. is offering students the opportunity to participate in a winter sport that will motivate them physically, socially and psychologically. Learn a lifetime sport and start looking forward to winter.                                                                                    Activities are designed for students ages 5 to 18 and for family members. Please come as often as you like.

  • December    10, 16                                                      February         3, 10-11, 23-24
  • January        13, 27-28                                                March              1-2, 10, 15-16, 23-24

*Charge card Transactions are $1 extra per person.*

(Includes Flex Slope Ticket, skis, boots, poles, one hour group lesson) 
(Includes Flex Slope Ticket, Burton board, boots, and one hour group lesson.)

*Optional helmet rental:  $3

Call or E-mail at least one week in advance to make a reservation.  We will need to know the day you are coming, whether you are skiing or snowboarding and the lesson time you desire (11:15 am or 12:30 pm).

Upon arrival at Appalachian Ski Mountain go downstairs to the French-Swiss Ski College Counter located on the lower level of the lodge to sign in, pay fees, and receive tickets.  Fill out equipment forms, get your equipment, and precede to the “Ski School Meets Here” sign 10 minutes before lesson times.

11:15 am Beginners Only – Lessons that start on beginner terrain
12:30 pm Intermediate Workshop – Lessons that start on intermediate terrain

Flex Slope ticket – Sk/SBi 8 consecutive hours.  All tickets must be purchased by 12:30 pm.
Plan on one-hour preparation time for equipment issue & grouping of classes. 
Add additional time if clothing rental is needed.

LODGING:  Special Rates for these Home School dates. (Call Hotel Directly) 
Jan. 27-28     Feb. 10-11   Feb. 23-24         March 1-2, 15-16, 23-24
Meadowbrook Inn       Blowing Rock                    828-295-4300                      Rate: $58.00 + tax/night

If you know of other home school families/associations who would benefit from this program, please share this information.

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